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translate your mangas, scans and images into over 135 languages. Just upload your pictures, and our AI-based manga translator will provide you with fast and accurate translations


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Manga Translator
Frequently asked questions

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    • Manga Translator is what kind of product?

      Manga Translator is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to quickly translate the text inside speech bubbles in manga.

    • Can I use this online manga translation extension for free?

      Yes, registered users have a certain number of free translations for manga, manhua, and comics with the Translator. Of course, we also hope you can pay, as only through payment can we have the motivation to further develop and maintain this product.

    • How many languages does Manga Translator support?

      Manga Translator supports 135 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Vietnamese, and more.

    • What are the advantages of manga translators like Manga Translator, mangamtl, and ichigo?

      The manga Translator extension can directly translate manga on the webpage, supports uploading manga for translation, has a fast translation speed, and is more cost-effective.

    • Does Manga Translator support converting vertical text in manga speech bubbles into horizontal text?

      With Manga Translator, you can easily translate vertical scans and images in addition to horizontal ones, regardless of the original language of the text. We support 135 languages.